The primary objective of the AMS summer school is to establish a collaborative platform encompassing communication, knowledge-sharing, and computational laboratories. This platform aims to achieve the following goals:

  1. Advancing research in the field of production, characterization, testing, and modeling of advanced composites and multifunctional materials.
  2. Offering students and faculty from participating countries a unique opportunity to gain exposure to global research and international leadership experiences.
  3. Contributing to the transformation and advancement of education in materials science and engineering for all participants.

The AMS Summer School series builds upon the success of previous summer schools organized by “The International Institute for Multifunctional Materials for Energy Conversion” (IIMEC). IIMEC, which is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), was established at Texas A&M University in collaboration with the Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of Houston, and international research partners from universities in North Africa, the Middle East, and Mediterranean countries.

Each year, approximately 25 graduate students actively participate and engage in collaborative efforts, fostering meaningful collaborations among themselves.